Where Premium Bibles and Innovative Ministry Meet: Abba Bibles/Biblias Abba

Some beautiful mahogany Bible covers from Biblias Abba

“[T]he positive aspect of trade,” writes Isabel Hoving, is that “[t]he world gets stirred up together.” In our confused and chaotic flat-land world, the fact that we don’t know who we’re getting stirred up with can be a bit frightening. When you buy a diamond ring, a child’s toy made in a distant country, or an item of clothing of unknown provenance, you may wonder if slave labor, illegal smuggling, or a bloody civil war played any role on the mysterious chain of commerce that brought that product to you.

You’ll be glad to know that, when you buy one of Crossway’s calfskin Bibles, you’re getting “stirred up” with the economic ministry of a local church in Mexico City.  Abba Bibles (or Biblias Abba) has provided quality leather covers for both Thomas Nelson and Crossway, and they’ll even provide one for individual customers on a custom basis (I know; they’ve done one for me).  Crossway has recently written about Abba and their ministry on their blog.  Here’s an excerpt:

Abba began as a local church ministry, employing single mothers, the disabled, and others struggling to find steady work in their area  .  .  .

We’ve chosen Abba to cover our Bibles for a couple of reasons. Abba makes arguably the best handmade Bible covers found anywhere in the world  .  .  .  But more importantly, we love working with Abba because of their heart for ministry to those in need. They provide income and a safe work environment for many on the margins of society.

If you have a Bible that you are considering having rebound, let me encourage you to consider using Abba. Their work is truly world-class, and its great to know that your money is going towards a good cause. And, if you do work with Abba, be sure to be generous. Their prices are phenomenal anyway, so consider donating some extra money for a good cause. You won’t regret it.


About hjimkeener

Education: B.A.: Moody Bible Institute GCTS: Knox Theological Seminary M.Div.: Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Ph.D.: Baylor University Ministry Experience: I have served as a Youth Minister, Associate Pastor of English Ministry, and a pulpit supply preacher. Teaching Experience: In addition to teaching in various volunteer and professional ministry settings, I have taught as a University Professor (Teaching Fellow; Baylor University) and as a Seminary Professor (El Seminario de la Iglesia Presbiteriana de Bolivia). I have also given lectures and sermons in Spanish.
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11 Responses to Where Premium Bibles and Innovative Ministry Meet: Abba Bibles/Biblias Abba

  1. Zach says:

    Hey hjimkeener,

    Could you perhaps give some pointers on actually getting in contact with Abba? I’ve tried at least three times, but I never get an answer back. I’d really like to use them. Thanks.

    • lorenabbabibles says:

      Hi my name is Lorena Villeda I’m from Abba Bibles, thank so much for been interested in our ministry , we rebound covers in leather (calfskin, cowhide, etc) in high quality with good prices
      My e-mail is : lorenvilleda@hotmail.com and the owner of Abba Bibles Ministry is the Pastor Miguel Olvera please free to contact him too migueolvera@gmail.com
      Will be a pleasure to serve you

  2. Richard says:

    I’ve heard a lot of comments that they do great work, but are almost impossible to get in contact with.

  3. Billy says:

    Richard: Yes, it seems hit or miss regarding whether someone can get a rebind done by Abba. I’ve also contacted them with no response. Too bad, because they do great work.

  4. hjimkeener says:

    Zach, Richard, and Billy.
    I had some frustrating moments myself trying to stay in touch via e-mail. Once I called Abba directly, however, I found that I had much better luck and things went much more smoothly. I would suggest getting their phone # off of their website and calling there. I think that’s the best way to go.

  5. lorenabbabibles says:

    hjimkeener, please contact us , will be a pleasure to serve you

  6. hjimkeener says:

    Gracias por ponerse en contacto conmigo, Lorena. Acabo de mandarle un correo electronic.
    iQue Dios le bendiga!

  7. no says:

    brothers greets the evangelical pastor, heredia jaime frias, we would receive, literature and Bibles in Spanish, for evangelism prisons brothers,, hospitals, send to san ignacio martin 112 squire sullana peru

  8. Ailette says:

    Hi Lorena! hahahaha did you receive my various emails? i sent you my payment info for two of your bibles… i included the pictures of the ones I want… please reply since I need to know you accept this form of payment or just wire transfers….I also need the estimated date of arrival for the bibles! Thank youuuuuuu!

  9. Ailette says:

    Hello! I haven’t heard from anyone yet!

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