Happy New Year!

OK, so I admit I’ve been on a blogging hiatus recently.  I’ve been quite busy, with a new addition to my family, several publications in the works, and of course a wonderful but sometimes quite demanding job. 

Well, I’ve some unfinished blogging business, so I’ll be back.  In the meantime, I’ll ring in the new year by linking to a cool news stories of interest to us Bible-geeks:

Antique Book Seller Returns Bible to Lutheran Church

According to Huffpo, few days before Christmas, of all times, a “scruffy” thief sold a beautiful antique Bible to a book dealer for a mere $50.  The fifteen pound, three hundred year old Bible is probably worth a solid grand.  The store owner, Kenez Jakovac was suspicious that something shady was going down.  Quoting Huffpo:  Jakovac

did an Internet search the day after Christmas and found a Post-Dispatch story about a special Bible stolen from St. Johns Lutheran Church just days before Christmas services.

He called the police, and soon the Bible was restored to its rightful owner–St. John’s Lutheran Church–and the thief caught.  Joan Potvin, the Church Secretary, received the Bible from the police. 

“It’s been a good day,” Potvin said. “I can’t even believe it. There is definitely a God, and he’s been generous.”

Happy New Year, all!  Here’s hoping that 2013 begins with good news for you, as it did for St. John’s Church!

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Education: B.A.: Moody Bible Institute GCTS: Knox Theological Seminary M.Div.: Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Ph.D.: Baylor University Ministry Experience: I have served as a Youth Minister, Associate Pastor of English Ministry, and a pulpit supply preacher. Teaching Experience: In addition to teaching in various volunteer and professional ministry settings, I have taught as a University Professor (Teaching Fellow; Baylor University) and as a Seminary Professor (El Seminario de la Iglesia Presbiteriana de Bolivia). I have also given lectures and sermons in Spanish.
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