DIY Leather Book/Bible Cover

I’ve always thought it would be cool to buy some leather and “hack” out a DIY leather-covered Bible or journal, or maybe even a book.  Granted, If you want the finished look of a Cambridge Bible or an Easton Press leather-bound book, you’re not going to be able to pull that off without a steady hand and some training and experience.  But what about a useful, durable, pleasant to hold, floppy cover?  I mean, how hard can it be?  You just tear off the cover from a hardback copy, cut out some leather to the proper proportions, buy the right glue, let it sit, and voila!  A masterpiece!  Right?

Well, I certainly lack a steady hand.  And, experience?  The only leather-work I’ve ever done involved weaving together a pre-fab wallet in Cub scouts when I was in fourth grade.  And even that wasn’t pretty.  So I’ve never had the guts to try.

Well, today I bumped into this:

Now that’s cool!  Geoff7519 shows us how to do it all on our own!  Of course, I’m still not brave enough to try it.  I have to be honest, I’ve only even made it through the first video so far.  At about a minute and a half in, when he broke out all the tools, I knew I was already in over my head.

But, I decided to share anyway, because I’m sure that there are others out there reading my blog who are good with their hands (unlike me) and geeked about leather covers (just like me).

If anyone else has done a DIY Bible or book rebind, or constructed a leather journal, or done anything along those lines, go ahead and tell us about your experience.  And feel free to point us to more helpful DIY resources that you might know of!

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Education: B.A.: Moody Bible Institute GCTS: Knox Theological Seminary M.Div.: Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Ph.D.: Baylor University Ministry Experience: I have served as a Youth Minister, Associate Pastor of English Ministry, and a pulpit supply preacher. Teaching Experience: In addition to teaching in various volunteer and professional ministry settings, I have taught as a University Professor (Teaching Fellow; Baylor University) and as a Seminary Professor (El Seminario de la Iglesia Presbiteriana de Bolivia). I have also given lectures and sermons in Spanish.
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