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Fine-Tuning a Modern Classic: The New Black (Imitation Leather) ESV Pitt Minion

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While my search for the ideal pocket Bible will probably never truly end, for practical purposes I found the one that fits my needs best while I was still in grad school:  The Cambridge Pitt Minion Reference Bible.  So, when … Continue reading

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Sound, Sound the Clarion! Cambridge Gets the Single Column Setting Right!

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To be honest, when I first pulled the brand new ESV Clarion Reference Bible in brown calfskin out of its box, I experienced a bit of a let-down feeling. I think that my disappointment was mostly a result of over-anticipation. … Continue reading

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A New Old Standby: The ESV (Deluxe) Compact

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Over the past few years, whether sitting in a Coffee shop on Baylor University‘s campus or teaching the college/career Sunday School class at Maywood EFCA Church, I’ve noticed that one of the best represented Bibles among the early-20s crowd is the ESV Deluxe … Continue reading

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Something Old, Something New: The KJV Transetto Bible from Cambridge

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When I opened up the package containing this new, sui generis pocket KJV Bible from Cambridge, I found myself spontaneously expostulating an erudite evaluation in this precise articulation (please pardon the abstruse academic jargon): “THIS IS SO COOL!” This little Bible is nothing, if … Continue reading

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Getting a Specialty Bible Right: The HCSB Soldier’s Bible

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There’s a fine line between gimmicky “impulse-buy” Bibles designed to exploit a target audience (think “the fly-fisherman’s Bible;” or worse yet “the cartoon-princess-purse Bible” that actually has a faux shoulder-strap) and well executed meaningful specialty Bibles that serve a legitimate purpose. … Continue reading

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Cambridge KJV Pocket Concord: A Compact Classic

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While not the smallest Bible I’ve seen, the Cambridge KJV Pocket Concord is the smallest I’ve reviewed thus far.  It truly is a pocket edition.  As such, it’s proof that Cambridge can do things right.  While there’s a lot that I could … Continue reading

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An Undiscovered Gem: The Stone Edition Tanach–Pocket Sized Edition

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Today I return to my stack of Bibles-to-review, and I am really excited about getting to share this edition with you.  This time, I want to show off the Stone Edition Tanach (yes, Tanach is how Artscroll spells it).  The … Continue reading

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